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The RCC website is now up again – the site announces the church’s 10th anniversary as though nothing ever happened. Some of the same old names are there and sources say Zimmerman is still involved, although in a less public way. It is believed he is pulling strings behind the scenes until “the people demand’ he be reinstated.

What a shame.

Former RCC Bishop in Ireland Looking to Continue

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We received this:

Just when everyone thought it might be over …

Two remarkable emails from Bishop Niall Sheridan (“Archbishop for All Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, and Father Protector of European Communities”) were received [last week.]  In his first message, he viciously attacks those who called for honesty and transparency in the Reformed Catholic Church.  Instead of admiring their courage, he states that they should “go quickly and take [their] malice and destruction” with them.

Sheridan and Zimmerman

Just one day later, he sends another message inviting specific members to join him in the foundation of a new church.  This email is addressed to those clergy and laity who defended – either actively or by their silence – the disgraceful actions of RCC bishops over the years.  Bishop Sheridan conveniently excludes all who raised their voices and helped to expose the secrets and lies of the former church.

It’s important to note that Niall Sheridan is the same bishop who recently offered to move a U.S. priest to Ireland and help him find work and housing there.  This would be done so that the priest – a sex offender whom the bishops refused to laicize – could flee from that pesky Megan’s Law which requires him to register his whereabouts with law enforcement authorities in the United States.

Thus, the “Father Protector” of Europe would deliberately expose his fellow citizens to a convicted sex offender without telling them any of the details of the man’s past.  This same bishop thinks that he possesses the morals and integrity necessary to establish and lead a new church!

As suspected, the name may change, but the characters remain the same.  God help us all!

From: Niall Sheridan []
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 3:22 PM
Subject: The church is dead. long live the Church.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, This diocese meets on December 1st. One option is to found a new church based on the church we knew. If you are interested in exploring this with us, please email me.


From: Niall Sheridan []
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:36 AM
Subject: RE: let’s find our INTEGRITY

Frankly I find this exposition the single most hypocritical piece of rubbish that has been said throughout all this nonsensical madness. Duh! A church founded by a convicted felon has no room for a convicted felon! What a wonderful piece of pontificating pharasaism. Like the other nonsense, it says more about the authors than it does about those who are the subjects involved. At it’s best. The mission of the church has been forgotten, the malicious have turned the mission into pure destruction. Grow up the lot of you over there and turn to what you should be doing instead of following a mission set by the malicious! Again you see the church as no further than your own doors or your own egos. The church is much bigger than you would limit it to. In this particular part of the church, we are fed up with watching the nonsense. If you want to belong, do and re-read the church’s mission and follow it. If you don’t, go, and go quickly and take your malice and destruction with you.


Most Reverend Niall Sheridan DD SJ[R]
Archbishop for All Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England
Father Protector of European Communities
The Reformed Catholic Church

From an RCC priest on Monday:

Sent: Mon, November 23, 2009 6:14:16 PM
Subject: Urgent Alert

Sisters and Brothers,
It is with great sorrow that I inform all of you that our college of bishops have, minutes ago, decided to vote their unanimous support for our presiding bishop Phillip (real name “George”) Zimmerman, despite the fact that he is a convicted felon who is currently on probation for fraud.  We live and share our vocations in a church of dishonesty and lies, and I for one cannot stand by and allow the forces of evil to continue their deceptions.
It is, dear family, probably too late to save this denomination.  Now is the time to insist on “Phillip’s” resignation and removal, as well as the removal of all those bishops who, in fear and cowardice, abandoned the truth in favor of preserving their positions in a church that is now virtually nonexistent.  May Our Lord’s will be first served in this and all things.

RCC Suppressed. Website Down.

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Reports from inside the RCC say that this evening the College of Bishops voted to suppress the church. Visits to the church’s website result in a simple place holder page. It is unclear from the message of the page if the church will simply reappear under a new name, if this is a temporary public relations show, or if this is the end of the Reformed Catholic Church.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update (11:05 pm 11/24/09):

Zimmerman Leaves Post. Stays in Church.

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Updates on the Reformed Catholic Church website confirm inside reports that Phillip Zimmerman has resigned his position as the presiding bishop of the Reformed Catholic Church and taken the title Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus. He continues to remain as a member of the college of bishops despite his criminal background. Monsignor Barry Canada retains his position despite his criminal background.

There has been a shifting of chairs. Some have reported that they suspect this is a temporary show and that Zimmerman will later be “overwhelmingly” re-appointed by a vote of his followers. Others say he continues to pull the strings and will use Acting Presiding Bishop Frazee as a puppet.

The RCC website also shows that Bishop Scott, the only female bishop in the church, is no longer with the RCC. Time will tell if others have had enough and wish to protect their names and integrity while they can.

Call for Resignation from Former RCC Bishop

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Vigil of the Solemnity of Christ the King

21 November 2009


My Dear Friends,

Like all of you, I poured my heart and soul into the Reformed Catholic Church.  Over the past several years, it was so much more than a ministry.  It became my life.

I saw and heard things from Columbus that disturbed me, but I chose to ignore them.  I promised my obedience and loyalty to the presiding bishop, and I supported him without fail.  When I finally did raise an issue – about why clergy were dismissed so impulsively – I was immediately expelled.  I did not choose to leave the Church; rather, the Church decided to leave me.

Now, looking more closely at current and past events, I see a pattern of neglect and abuse, from deliberate disregard for canon law to inexcusable mistreatment of clergy and faithful.  These demonstrate an abysmal failure, not only of the college of bishops in which I served, but of the Church’s model of governance.

Therefore, I call upon my brother, +Phillip Zimmerman, to accept responsibility for the errors and abuses that occurred during his term as presiding bishop, and to resign voluntarily from the Reformed Catholic Church.  In the past, the archbishop has stated that he would step down if ever he became an obstacle to the Church.  That time has come, and I urge him to honor that promise.

Further, I challenge the clergy and faithful to establish a new model of leadership and governance in the Church.  Since the current model has led to numerous abuses, I propose the establishment of a council of clergy and laity to administer the affairs of the Church.  Under this model, bishops would return to their primary roles as teachers and shepherds, but the authority to govern would rest with the general council.  It is time to abandon any hierarchical structure that allows the actions of an individual or small group to wreak havoc upon an entire church, and to welcome full participation and representation from every mission and ministry.

Though separated from you, I care deeply about those who continue to minister and serve the People of God.  It is with enormous sorrow that I propose such drastic action.  It may be, however, the only hope to rescue and rebuild the Church.


Your brother in Christ,



Bishop Christopher Tobin


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Hands in the Air!

The reason behind the RCC not having background checks may be found in this news. It has come to light that in 2007, the presiding bishop was sentenced after pleading guilty to defrauding the U.S. Government. Now, in previous internal memos, Zimmerman has called the efforts of this site misleading. So, without further commentary or editing, let the facts simply speak for themselves:

Department of Justice Press Release: (pgs. 21-23)

ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS (Federal Trade Commission): (pg. 14)

Department of Education:
(see pg. 44)

Judge Sentences 3 Who Ran Financial Aid Scheme/Detroit Free Press:

A Warning to RCC Clergy

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Vicar of Communications

The RCCinfo site has enjoyed much communication with clergy inside the church who are planning to leave or have left. As a reminder, we have received reports that the church’s communication office monitors church e-mail addresses. As such, all clergy are advised NOT to communicate about the church using their e-mail addresses. It is suggested that you secure a free, private service from hotmail, yahoo, or another provider if you do not already have one.