A Warning to RCC Clergy

Vicar of Communications

The RCCinfo site has enjoyed much communication with clergy inside the church who are planning to leave or have left. As a reminder, we have received reports that the church’s communication office monitors church e-mail addresses. As such, all clergy are advised NOT to communicate about the church using their @reformedcatholicchurch.org e-mail addresses. It is suggested that you secure a free, private service from hotmail, yahoo, or another provider if you do not already have one.

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3 Comments on “A Warning to RCC Clergy”

  1. Rev. Sarah Flynn Says:

    This episode is drearily familiar. A similar thing happened to the American Catholic Church when its presiding bishop showed erratic and irresponsible behavior, and also to the Ecumenical Catholic Church which also imploded for similar reasons.

    It nearly happened to my present church, the American Catholic Church of New England when the founding bishop attempted to secretly change the articles of incorporation making himself the sole incoporator. Fortunately, that attempt was thwarted when it became known to the board of trustees who notified the Secretary of State that they had not be consulted or approved of such a change.

    The point here is simple. Why remake the Roman Catholic Church with its hierarchial monopoly resulting in such flagrant abuses? The message is plain: Don’t join such churches or accept the authority of the presiding bishop. Instead, make sure your church or the one you join is a synodal church where authority is shared with the clergy and people.

    That is a basic principle of present day Old Catholicism in Europe. See the Union of Utrecht and read the Preamble and Statute of Union. What we have in the USA are many churches calling themselves Old Catholic, but in fact operating like little Roman Catholic Churches. Who needs more of that sort of thing? Only people who have huge ego needs for recognition and control. Avoid that like the plague and look for the genuine Old Catholic polity before you sign on the dotted line.


  2. Excommunicati Says:

    Another warning: many former RCC clergy still have photos and contact information published on the church’s website. Although the main page was removed, most other pages are still online. These include all of the “diocesan” pages listing parishes and missions.

    Numerous requests have been made to the webmaster, Marcis Heckman, to remove photos, street addresses, and phone numbers, but those requests have been repeatedly and consistently ignored. As of Sunday, December 13th, many former priests and bishops are still listed as active clergy. The church was supposedly dissolved but, as suspected, the group in Columbus is doing everything possible to keep it going, including posting names and photos of clergy who have no connection to the church.

    Since repeated requests have failed, it is recommended that former clergy send a “cease and desist” letter to Heckman demanding the immediate removal of all names, photos, addresses, and phone numbers. If you have already done so and your information is still available online, you should retain an attorney to begin litigation. In your lawsuit, be certain to name Heckman and every one of the bishops in Columbus individually and collectively. By doing so, you may enable the court to include their personal assets in any future judgment.

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