Hands in the Air!

The reason behind the RCC not having background checks may be found in this news. It has come to light that in 2007, the presiding bishop was sentenced after pleading guilty to defrauding the U.S. Government. Now, in previous internal memos, Zimmerman has called the efforts of this site misleading. So, without further commentary or editing, let the facts simply speak for themselves:

Department of Justice Press Release: (pgs. 21-23)

ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS (Federal Trade Commission): (pg. 14)

Department of Education:
(see pg. 44)

Judge Sentences 3 Who Ran Financial Aid Scheme/Detroit Free Press:

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  1. Steven Says:

    Can anyone say audit? With a leader who owes over a half million dollars, I would have to imagine that clergy dues and donations are going somewhere that people may find upsetting!

  2. MSGR Anthony (TONY) DelCorio Says:

    Pray for his corrupted soul

  3. Ian Says:

    Dear Msgr DelCorrio-take the splinter out of your own eye first people check below.

    Article: The Psychology of the Con Man
    Article from:Solares Hill Article date:August 15, 2008 Author:Rhoades, Shirrel

    Anthony Delcorio – better known to Key West Citizen readers as a fraudulent Roman Catholic priest called “Father Tony” – is quite a character. I should know, for he has described me as being a close friend of his wife, even though I’ve only met her three times in passing.

    With many con men, the boundaries between truth and fiction are vague and ill defined.

    When applying to rent a house from me, he said he was a Catholic priest, in fact a monsignor. With his wife sitting beside him, I assumed he had dropped out of the church to marry. Then I read in The Citizen that he was still passing himself off as a right-hand man to the Pope’and allegedly performing weddings under false pretenses! The …

  4. MSGR Tony Delcorio Says:

    Since when is it wrong to pray for someone who made a mistake take the thorm out of your own eye we all have done things that we are not proud of may God have mercy on your soul

  5. Ian Says:

    Dear Msgr Tony,

    Point taken, I was wrong please accept my appology

  6. MSGR Tony DelCorio Says:

    Ian I accept your appology May God be with you

  7. anyhony del corio Says:

    Thank you Kris Blessings Fr Tony

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