Back in Action

The RCC website is now up again – the site announces the church’s 10th anniversary as though nothing ever happened. Some of the same old names are there and sources say Zimmerman is still involved, although in a less public way. It is believed he is pulling strings behind the scenes until “the people demand’ he be reinstated.

What a shame.

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3 Comments on “Back in Action”

  1. Art Says:

    According to the Website:

    “Celebrating 11 years of service to God’s people.”

    Zimmerman appears to be pulling the strings and has been “reinstated” (or reinstated himself?) as— the “Patriarch”.

    There is a Facebbok presence, however nothing negative can be posted concerning him or his “club”.
    And I believe that is a— tax-exempt “club”, too?

    The RCC has branched off into Communities… BEFORE having a solid foundation in place.

    Check it out for yourself. It couldn’t have gotten any worse. Could it?

  2. Seth Cromby Says:

    The saddest part of this is, yes, they have their problems, but people have the right to decide if they will attend this church or not.

    This website is nothing but hate speech. I am seriously trying to figure out who is worse…you or them.

  3. Francis Downes Says:

    Looks like Niall Sheridan has been active again on here with that last remark!!

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